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Giving Legal Advice at the Garda Station

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As an experienced Solicitor in Criminal Law I am pleased to advise clients in this jurisdiction that Solicitors are now able to attend with them during Garda interview. This right has been available to clients in other jurisdictions that I have practised namely England & Wales and Northern Ireland for many years.

Criminal defence Solicitors in this jurisdiction now face new challenges in the light of this improved right for detained persons in Garda Custody. I have always ensured that the rights of my clients are protected and advanced during the course of Garda interview. This includes protecting the right not to incriminate and to ensure fair play.

Clients must appreciate that the Garda interview is the foundation for any future criminal prosecution. It is very important that they obtain the proper legal advice following arrest. My advice to my clients is to always insist that a Solicitor is present following arrest. It has always been accepted that a detained person has a constitutional right to access a Solicitor which should be immediate and in private. Failure to uphold these rights have often resulted in failed prosecutions where the Garda have acted improperly following arrest.

If you require my advices in respect of any criminal matter or require my attendance at the Garda station please feel free to call me at 87 O Brien Street, Tipperary Town or telephone me on 062 80009 or 087 2261469 (24 hour service)